Model english essay

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Model english essay

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This is a model essay written for fifth and sixth year students of SQA Higher English Choose from a play a scene which you find amusing or moving or disturbing. Explain how the scene provokes this response and discuss how this aspect of the scene contributes to your understanding of the play as a whole.

However, her attempts to sustain this illusion have been confronted with the stark reality of her past and this has led to a marked deterioration in her mental state. Moreover, she had been staying at the hotel Flamingo where her behaviour could be described as morally dubious, with hints that she veered close to prostitution.

As noted earlier, her attempts to glamorize her predicament and use the illusion of class that her clothing once gave her have failed.

She seems to be unravelling before our eyes. All in all, this is a disturbing portrait of a women going through mental collapse. Previously in the play Blanche has been in control of the illusions that she created, particularly in the combination of the prim maiden coupled with enticing seductress that she has created for her admirer Mitch.

Now she appears to be in the grip of an illusion that is controlling her. Stanley has been utterly triumphant in this struggle. More cuttingly, he has also informed Mitch of the accusations of promiscuity.

Therefore the state in which we see Blanche descend to at the beginning of scene ten is the consequence of deliberate and cruel behaviour on the part of Stanley. This condemns Stanley, but unwittingly Blanche also condemns herself.

The anxiety and near alcoholism that have accompanied her character since the opening of the play are combining to loosen her grip on reality.


Tennessee Williams makes extensive use of lighting and sound in scene ten to evoke the mental deterioration that Blanche is undergoing. Ominous shadows loom outside and the shadow play of a prostitute brawling with man seems to foreshadow the terrifying future that Blanche sees for herself.

She has been totally defeated by Stanley and now finds herself alone in the small apartment with the euphoric Stanley. He has just returned from the hospital- the trauma of the revelations at the birthday party had forced his wife Stella into labour.

As the scene continues Blanche resorts to her old ways and desperately tries to weave another illusion about preparing to go off on a Caribbean cruise with the millionaire Shep Huntleigh.

He then derides her clothes and taunts her about the absence of Shep Huntleigh. He has humiliated her, destroyed her hopes of marriage and security and is preparing to render her destitute by sending her back to Laurel. Stanley has identified Blanche as a woman totally within his power with whom he can do as he likes.

Broken and humiliated, Blanche has become an object to be taken and disposed of:This IELTS discussion essay sample answer is estimated at band 9.

See comments below the essay for advice and tips. Completing university education is thought by some to be the best way to get a good job.

Model english essay

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Model english essay

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